Open world to race in

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a single and multiplayer car racing game that is set in an open-world environment filled with places to explore. NFS: Most Wanted is the title of two Need for Speed games from 2005 and 2012 that both feature car customization features, police chases, and rivalries.

The Need for Speed: Most Wanted BMW became an iconic car, which was the first release. Need for Speed: Underground was another extremely popular video game in the NFS series with an open environment. NFS games like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Undercover, and Underground 2 combine arcade-style gameplay with street racing tactics.

How can I download Need for Speed: Most Wanted for free?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is not free to play. Electronic Arts released a popular free-to-play NFS game called World for Microsoft Windows PCs that was eventually shut down, despite popularity.

EA did not venture from the decision to make their games pay to play with the Most Wanted title that was developed by Criterion Games. Most Wanted is a cross-platform video game that is available for consoles, desktops, and handheld devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and gaming systems.

Is NFS: Most Wanted open world?

NFS: Most Wanted is an open-world video game that encourages you to explore the expansive setting of Fairhaven City that is entirely open from the onset of the game. The gameplay mechanics let you break through billboards while you jump from ledges at high speeds. The city becomes more intriguing as you continue to find new locations like airplane yards.

Destinations that you find along the way can help you escape trouble during intense moments like how you outrun the police since you can swerve towards a tricky tunnel. You can purposely hit items alongside the road in an attempt to stop the cops from catching you. Police will do everything in their power to stop you whether from the ground or the sky.

Spike strips from officers can appear on the road to ruin your race that you will need driving skills to avoid. Helicopters can hover from above in addition to the multiple cop cars on the road that all have the same goal to catch you. Repair shops are available on the map to let you fix mechanical and aesthetical issues like paint and nitrous.

Risky behavior like jumping, escaping, and speeding is rewarded in NFS: Most Wanted with Speed Points (SP) that you collect. Billboards, cameras, and security gates mark whether you earn these points and determine whether you become the highly esteemed Most Wanted player. You can add new modifications to your vehicles like nitro boosts with SP.

While the 2012 release lacks the story that the 2005 addition sported, a rival list is still present in both titles. You will get SP in real-time that are available to view at the top of the screen for beating Autolog records from friends and finishing events. You can rise up the Speedwall ranks as you beat additional players during single and multiplayer modes.

Why NFS: Most Wanted is the best

Whether the first or second release of Most Wanted is better is a debatable topic, yet the general gameplay for each is filled with action and adventure like exploring and escaping. The Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 lets you switch your car on the road instead of the need to drive to a garage, like in the 2005 title.

While both single and multiplayer modes let you change cars at any time, the multiplayer accessibility is more convenient, since you can stay in the same spot as you access a different car. The single-player mode will transport you back to the location that you found the vehicle before. Jack Spots are located around the map to let you find new cars to use.

The one-sided police escapades in Most Wanted only let you flee, lack flair when compared to the dual-sided cop chases in Hot Pursuit that let you choose whether you want to be the escaper or officer. Around 60 events are available in Most Wanted to make sure you stay entertained with races and runs.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a mixture of realistic freedom and fantasy physics. The authentic dynamics of the starting lines in Most Wanted differ from arcade games that mechanically place you side by side with opponents, as you can immediately bump into racers and turn to whichever direction you wish to.

Gameplay in action

Specific challenges are listed on the screen to let you discover your environment with your teams like airspeed, rooftop parking, takedown to the bridge, and more. Scoreboards are presented often and sporadically around the streets to let you know where you stand in comparison to your competition. Your competitors will get wind of where you rank as well.

Billboards are an example of the rampant competition that Most Wanted promotes because you can see the leader’s face on the board as you are coaxed to crash through. Your name will be placed on the signs once you beat the high score for jump length and speed.

A packed playground for racers

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is offline or online, depending on the specific content that you choose to play. A detailed arena is available for you to discover, whether you choose to outdrive traffic or burst into signs. NFS stays true to high-speed chases and races that present realistic effects like busted tires and collision sparks.

What’s new?

NFS: Most Wanted is available on Android, Amazon Fire tablet, iOS, Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 operating systems. The Most Wanted 2012 edition was recently added to Steam. Aside from the addition to a new platform, Most Wanted does not receive regular updates from Criterion.

A fun car racing game for Windows PCs

Car Racing Adventure is a straightforward adventure game for Windows PCs. The application mimics a range of fast arcade games for desktops and laptops. Developed by Absologix Technology, CRA comes with a huge selection of cars, making the gameplay more enjoyable. Since the game doesn’t have a secondary gameplay mode, it sticks to the essence of a real-life arcade experience.

CRA download is a fun dashing game, which features a lot of customization options. The cars in this game have been designed based on popular brands. However, the movements and graphics take influence from other leading racing games like Need for Speed, Big City Racer, and Hot Racing.

Dash through heavy traffic to defeat other drivers

Car Racing Adventure focuses on a dashing experience, which is based on the concept of continuance. In other words, you need to race around heavy traffic on the streets. In addition to this, you need to keep your vehicle protected from harm, which may be induced by other cars on the road or structures like fire hydrants.

The game’s speed is quick, and you need good reflexes to win each race. If you hit something on the road, it has an impact on the car’s health. Over time, if your car takes too many hits it can be totally damaged, and at this point, you’re kicked out of the race.

Fortunately, you’ll find collectible automobile pieces randomly scattered around the track. These can fix your car’s health and help you proceed further in the race. It’s worth mentioning that the Windows game supports two input techniques. You can either use the PC’s keyboard to give commands or tilt the screen in tablet mode to maneuver the car.

How’s the design and interface?

When it comes to the racing game’s graphics, you’ll notice the perfect blend of retro and modern-style visuals. While other vehicles and the track can seem boxy, they’re based on real-life environments. As mentioned earlier, the vehicles take inspiration from actual car designs with various controls and specifications.

CRA offers a wide range of car tire options, which can be chosen based on the weather or racing track. The game supports multiple customization options, which keep you encouraged to play more rounds with different cars, tires, torque, engine options, etc.

How’s the gameplay?

While the gameplay is simple and straightforward, it’s also fun. The car races through an open parkway that runs along a scenic viewpoint. Like other popular car racing games, your goal is to finish the race in the fastest possible time. However, Car Racing Adventure adds an interesting feature to the game – that you need to avoid crashing into other vehicles. As you hit other objects, your car’s health meter weakens. While racing through the track you can gather coins and collectible items to increase your health meter’s status. There are also certain catalysts to boost your speed.

Since the game’s controls are simple to play, you don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this gameplay. However, due to the fast sequences, it can take some time to get accustomed to the controls, especially on the tablet version of the game. Once you play the Windows game a few times, you’ll know exactly how to maneuver the car without hitting anything on the track or the road.

Does the game feel challenging?

While this adventure game isn’t as comprehensive as Need for Speed or F1, it feels quite challenging. The focus of the game lies on continuance, the genre of racing a car through moving traffic while protecting the vehicle from harm. With fast cars at every turn, the game feels highly interactive and exciting.